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Estate Planning

Estate Plan

We understand that you have worked very hard for all that you have. In order to protect your decisions, assets and family, an estate plan is paramount. Our passion is to understand your goals for your family and wealth. After we understand your specific needs and desires, we’ll develop a plan to ensure your wishes are carried out. Our relationship is for a lifetime, and not only with you, we’ll help your family after you are gone.

Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Will or Trust
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • HIPPA Release
  • Living Will
  • General Durable
  • Power of Attorney

Trust Administration / Probate


Estate administration can be complex and the people you have designated must have competent and experienced counsel to guide them through the process. They must make important decisions – sometimes quickly – and they need help to make them wisely. They may need to prepare inventories of your property, prepare tax returns, or sign other important documents on your behalf. Ultimately they must divide and distribute your property to those individuals or charities you identified in your will or trust agreement.

Real Estate​​

Real Estate

We partner with 615 Title to provide engagement, education and awesome experiences in real estate transactions! Purchasing, selling or refinancing a home can be one of the largest financial decisions you make and our expert team at 615 Title is there for you. We’ll help you become informed in your transaction, understand title insurance and be there at closing to answer any questions.